totwoo Touch Lamps

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totwoo Touch Lamps

totwoo Touch Lamps

$99.00 Sale Save
Style Single

Perfect For Long Distance Relationships

Connect as many together as you like

Certificated by FCC, CE, ROHS

Eye-Friendly 360°Light

Free Shipping, Ship from US

    Keep with your friends and family!

    ⭐️When paired,touching your lamp your partner's light will change with yours, both in color and brightness. Then them know you are thinking of them, say hello when you wake up, or say good night before you go to bed...

    👫Endless amount of people can join your group so everyone stays connected,family, friends, roommates, etc.

    🌈6 Million Colors and 5% to 100% dimmable. Each person can have their own color or can make a game out of it.

    Easily connect to Wi-Fi so you can stay connected from anywhere. And you can set a sleep time so you don’t get woken up or that it doesn’t light up during certain hours.

    🎁Great Gift for family, friends, long-distance relationships, college students and more.


    Most orders leave the warehouse within 24 hours.

    Transit times for in-stock items shipped within the United States:
    Express: 3-5 Business Days
    Enjoy unlimited free shipping on all U.S.
    Customers can order lamps individually and sync them the same way they'd sync lamps ordered in a set.

    Size:7.13" x 3.94"
    Light source:Multicolored LED
    Wattage: 7WCCT:2000K-5700K
    Input: 5V DC/1.5A
    Color: 16 million Colors
    Weight: 2.7 pounds

    Shipping Price:

    Standard(3-7 business days) Free shipping

    Expedited(2-5 business days) $4.99 USD


    To ship to multiple addresses, please place a separate order for each address.

    No distance limits. You can connect with others as far as you want, no matter where they are in the world.

    You can connect as many long distance lamps together as you would like!

    Once you touch your lamp, the other connected lamps will light up simultaneously.

    Our lamps all connect via USB power, so you don't need a different power adapter.

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