Trouble shooting for Lamps
Q.How do I turn my lamp off?
A.To turn your lamp off simply hold the top touch pad down and release and your lamp should turn off.
If your friend taps their lamp, then your lamp will light up once more.If you wish to keep the lamp off for set times,then you can manage this by using the sleep timer in the app.

Q.Does the other lamp light up as soon as I touch mine? Is there a delay?
A. Yep,the other lamp or lamps light up as soon as you tap your lamp.There is no delay unless there' s a problem with the Wi-Fi connection at either end.

Q.How do I reset my lamp?
A.You can easily reset your lamp in the totwoo app.However if you wish to do this manually then please hold down the touch pad for 7 seconds and the lamp will scroll through the colors and then eventually go dim red.

Q.How do l send a color?
A.To send a color simply tap your lamp and it will send your color to all the other lamps on your group.

Shipping FAQ:

Can I ship to two different addresses?
Yes. place different orders with single lamp with different address.